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How to cope with living alone in self-isolation

Self-isolation can feel alone at times. Humans are naturally social creatures, so the next few weeks might be hard if you are feeling particularly alone.

Here are some tips on how to overcome loneliness, anxiety, tension during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Find some friends

If you are feeling alone and you do not have many friends and family to chat then get yourself online. There are lots of applications that you can use like Bumble which even has a separate BFF mode where you can make friends with people. Tinder has also made their passport free, so now you can link with people all over the planet.

You can also try quarantine dating, a latest trend where people match on dating applications and they have their first date through Facetime. Seriously, it sounds scary, but also hilarious fun. And if the date goes badly you do not have to wait it out, you can just say good bye.

Find a hobby

Forever wanted to learn how to knit? Maybe, you feel like drawing might be your thing? This is the best time throw yourself into a hobby and view what sticks. You could register to something like Skillshare to try and gain knowledge or Code Academy if you want to learn a fresh coding language.

Use social media wisely

Definitely, social media can be a remarkable way to link with people, but it can also make people feel lonelier. If you find yourself mindlessly scrolling via Instagram or watching endless stories on Snapchat, you might find yourself feeing tense. Mute or unfollow any person who does not make you feel best, and monitor your usage of these applications. If you are using social media to be social, then best. That is remarkable. If you are using it to pass the time with no true value, then consider getting rid or setting limitations on these activities.

Practice positively

It is simple to feel negative and down yourself during times of loneliness. Definitely, it can be fun to wallow for a pretty while; if you are continually thinking like this it can cause issues. Try to turn these thoughts around and treat yourself how you would treat a friend.

Come to terms with it

Now is not the time to make friends offline, but online is a fully different story. 1000s of people will be in the same position, so whether you use Twitter,, Webtalk forums, TikTok, or whatever social media, there will actually be someone out there feeling the same as you who is no doubt willing to strike up a convo.

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