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Need for rehabilitation for patients affected by Covid-19

Rehabilitation forms a critical part of the acute care pathway, helping to relieve pressure on the frontline and acute services. It is shown to be both affordable and effective, whether through improving social integration and independence, or managing the impacts of long-term disability including neuro-palliative care.

The Covid-19 pandemic has already led to marked increase in the burden of disability and disease and will continue to do so.

Recovery pathway

  • Rehabilitation should begin as early as easy, ideally while the patient is still in intensive care.
  • One step-down from intensive care, a quick accessacute rehabilitation programme can offer very early intervention and the chance for further triage into post-acute pathways in the network.
  • The bigger numbers of patients are on a fairly quick recovery track. Their needs may be met by the local rehabilitation services, but these need important expansion to permit patients to access them in a timely manner.
  • Hyper-acute rehabilitation specialist units offer rehabilitation for patients who continue to be medically unstable with input from all the match medical and surgical experts. There are presently seventy-five specialist rehabilitation units in UK catering for around 2500 admissions per year.

Infection control

  • Some post-covid patients will be shedding virus as they go into the rehabilitation, mainly in the early stages, so both the Covid negative and Covid positive services are needed.
  • Rehabilitation generally involves close care, so staff should have access to all the necessary PPE to manage their safety.

Rehabilitation Assessment and Prescription

  • The Rehabilitation prescription is used to record rehabilitation needs and make advises for how these should be met as patients leave the acute wards.
  • Consultants in RM have particular expertise in management, diagnosis, and prognostication of complex disability. They offer in-reach to acute services to help with RPs and to help identify patients with complex needs and direct them down the right pathway.

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