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We know that beets are good for our health

Beetroot is good for the body for a variety of reasons. There are several benefits to eating beets, among other things, they increase the performance of training and are good for the immune system.

A daily beet intake can be good for high blood pressure, and drinking beet juice before exercise can improve your performance. There is a lot of nitrate in beetroot, which is also found in leafy vegetables and cabbage. When you get nitrates, nitric oxide is formed in the body, which increases oxygenation.

The intestinal flora is of great importance for our own immune system. The gut contains more than 500 different species of bacteria. In total, there are 10 times more gut bacteria than there are cells in your entire body. In recent years, our own beneficial bacteria have gained a more prominent place when it comes to the function of our immune system.

The normal establishment of the intestinal flora in humans occurs according to a particular success. The composition of the intestine is initially rich in nutrition and oxygen, which attracts aerobic bacteria to establish themselves. 

As the amount of oxygen falls, the more anaerobic intestinal flora will gain a foothold. Upon further reduction of the oxygen level, the strictly anaerobic bacteria establish, which will then dominate the intestinal flora by at least 99 percent of the total number of bacteria in the intestine. The intestinal flora is then developed into a complex system, where the microorganisms constantly integrate with each other and with the host organism.

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Independent Herbalife Wellness Consultant Roger K. Olsson ID: 10Y2209253

Reach out to your Herbalife Nutrition Independent Wellness Consultant 
Roger K. Olsson ID: 10Y2209253 

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Independent Herbalife Wellness Consultant Roger K. Olsson ID: 10Y2209253 (Deutschland)
Wenden Sie sich an Ihren unabhängigen Herbalife Nutrition-Händler Roger K. Olsson ID: 10Y2209253 und entdecken Sie die Unterstützung und Community, die Sie benötigen, um Ihre Geschäfts- und Gesundheitsziele zu erreichen. Meine Arbeit ist international, aber ich arbeite aktiv in Portland, USA und Hamburg, Deutschland. Wir sind hier, um Ihre Reise zu unterstützen. Treten Sie einer globalen Gemeinschaft von Menschen bei, die sich für einen gesunden, aktiven Lebensstil einsetzen. 100% Zufriedenheitsgarantie.

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