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Covid-19 ‘immunity certificates

Testing to view who has COVID-19 Coronavirus has become one of the most crucial elements of slowing the international pandemic. And it may also hold the key to a return to general life.

Serological tests, also called as “immunity tests,” for antibodies to the disease could show the real extent of the pandemic and help experts answer general questions about COVID-19 and the illness that causes it, SARS-CoV-2: How many persons have been infected with the disease? Why do some people have slow sickness while other becomes seriously ill? Who may have spread it without knowing it? How serious is the disease? What tactics are exactly working to slow its spread?

Serological tests could also gradually permit people who have resistance to return to work. That could be a big boost to front-line health employees who may have been exposed to the virus but are desperately required back in action.

Countries are now racing to get more of these tests. The UK ordered 3.5 million serological tests. Germany is considering using these tests to issue immunity certifies to people who have survived this pandemic.

In the America, FDA on 2 April granted first approval to a serological test for COVID-19, with an Emergency use Authorization. The test, made by Cellex, can generate outcomes in as pretty as fifteen minutes. Other firms and labs are jostling to develop serological tests in the America as well.

But scientists are still learning how long immunity from Coronavirus can last and whether there is a possibility that people could be re-infected.

These tests are also a forensic tool, tracing the outbreak of the virus via a population. This can solve some of the unknown of Covid-19 spread and help scientists get ahead of the next pandemic. Countries like Singapore and China have already used serological tests for contact tracing to view how the virus has spread.

Covid-19 ‘immunity certificates’: practical and ethical conundrums


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