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WHO Global Covid-19 Vaccine and Medicine Fund for developing countries

The world has never face a disaster like COVID-19. The pandemic is impacting all over countries. It is never been more urgent to support the international response. The solidarity, humanity, and generosity of people and organizations everywhere is unprecedented. But we cannot prevent now.

The WHO is leading and coordinating the international effort with a range of partners, supporting countries to stop, detect, and respond to the pandemic. Donations support WHOs work, including with partners, to track and know the spread of the virus, to make sure patients get the care they need and frontline workers get essential informational and supplies, and to accelerate research and development of a vaccine and care for all who need them.

COVID-19 solitary response fund

WHO thanks all corporations, individuals and organizations who are contributing and mobilizing resources via the COVID-19 solidarity response fund.

WHO also appreciate doctors who have offered funding to WHO Contingency fund for Emergencies. The CFE has and continues to play an important role in responding to outbreaks around the planet including the new COVID-19 outbreak. To date, in response to COVID-19 WHO has released $10 million dollars for quick preparedness and response activities internationally.

Ways to give fund

Online donations made through site are tax deductible in the America, to the extend allowable by law. The UN Foundation accepts wire or check transfers from anywhere in the planet, and may be capable to offer tax advantages to U.S based doctors.

Through a partnership with the Swiss Philanthropy foundation, donors located in Canada and Europe may be capable to give through wire transfer. To learn more about which mechanism may be perfect for you, visit Swiss Philanthropy Foundation COVID-19 Solidarity response fund webpage.

 You may also help the COVID-19 solitary response fund by donating to the Facebook Fundraiser, or via Google.

Donations to the COVID-19 Solidarity Respond Fund for the WHO are run by the UN Foundations.

Donations received will go towards funding the activities of the Response Plan and strategic preparedness, which contain among others:

  • Putting in place activities to track and know the spread of the virus
  • Ensuring patients get the right care they require
  • Buying and ship essential supplies such as gloves, masks, and protective wear for frontline workers
  • Producing proof based guidelines and suggestions,  and ensure health workers and responders get the detail and training to detect and treat affected patients
  • Producing guidance for common public and for particular groups on measures to stop the spread.

A Global Collaboration to Accelerate the Development, Production and Equitable Access to New COVID-19 diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines. 

Non Essential Businesses are welcome to DONATE 


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