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Social distancing and do hold on the hygiene advices on Covid-19

Stay at home as much as possible. This is the most vital piece of advice being reiterated by health officials  across the planet in an attempt to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Here are some of the best advices and suggestions:

Meet the same people

You cannot be expected to reject all human contact.  Whether for private or professional reasons, you will likely to have to view other people from time to time. And yet in order to stop a fast spread of the virus, health professionals say you should restrict your contact to the same relatives or friends and reject encounters with new people.

Keep your distance

When you do meet other persons, keep a distance of at least one or two meter, preferably two, and refrain from shaking hands and hugging any person - so forget about the cheek-kiss, and the Turkish way of greeting.

Time your trips outside

If you can, try to reject shopping during rush hour, and go when pharmacies and supermarkets are likely to be empty. Even if cafes and restaurants remain open in your area, health experts generally suggest against visiting them. The same goes for all public locations with crowds of people, from shopping centers to playgrounds.

Get fresh air

If you feel trapped inside 4 walls, do not fret and take a walk outside, in the fresh, open air and wash your hand after that. After all, oxygen and sunlight are still vital. Both mental and physical health will support you stay ready to combat potential infection. Doctors do not suggest against going for a walk but caution that joint walks may be risky. The important points is to maintain distance.

Wash your hands often and correctly

Wet your hands, scrub everywhere with soap for at least twenty seconds,  then rinse and dry well with a clean towel. Do not touch your mouth with your hands.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public



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