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Faron Pharmaceuticals current progress on Covid-19 vaccine

Faron Pharmaceuticals, the clinical stage biopharmaceutical firm, announces today that regulatory approval has been granted for the international Randomized, Embedded, Multifactorial Adaptive Platform Trail for community-acquired Pneumonia program that contains interferon, intravenous beta-1a as a fresh treatment arm.

REMAP-CAP is an international network of leading professionals, research networks and institutions with over 50 sites participating globally. The program recruits patients with community-acquired pneumonia, including COVID-19 patients, who need ICU care for the support of organ works and uses a creative trail design to perfectly evaluate multiple interventions simultaneously.

The study has many existing treatment domains including hydrocortisone and antibiotic treatment arms. Now, in collaboration with Faron, a latest immune-modulatory treatment arm has been established to contain Intravenous (IV) IFN beta-1a.  The study will, so, matched directly the treatment effect of Farons investigational IV IFN beat-1a, hydrocortisone treatments, and other study treatment choices on the clinical results of COVID-19 patients and those with other causes of pneumonia needing ICU care.

The study plans to contain a full 6,800 patients from study places across Asia-Pacific, North America and Europe excluding US. Faron expects to contribute to the REMAP-CAP program by offering investigations IV IFN beta-1a (also called as Traumakine) to all sites and support also the talk between sites. In this regard, Faron is presently in the process of finalising an agreement for the study. The international study is supported by many funding agencies all over the planet.

The firm presently has a pipeline based on the receptors involved in regulations of immune response in organ and oncology damage. Clevegen, its precision immunotherapy, is a novel anti-Clever-1 antibody with the capability to switch immune suppression to immune activation in different situations, with potential across oncology, infections disease and Covid-19 vaccine development.


Traumakine to be a part of WHO’s Solidarity trial 


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