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e-learning programs online and Covid-19

The present international spread of the Covid-19 virus means that many teachers and schools around the planet are looking into how they continue to teach their pupils remotely if their school need to close for a restricted time.

Routes are important

From the outset, look for ways to establish routines that permit every person to get organised and be engaged. This is about using your existing expertise as teachers to support organise, support and encourage learners to make the best of the condition.

Is anybody out there?

With remote learning there are true concerns about loneliness, deficiency of interaction and welfare. It is vital to find a way of keeping every person in contact. You could perform this by running a discussion chat group or forum. If your school has a learning platform or tool for learning management you could use this. It is the force that matters, not the platform.

Do not forget teamwork

Just because learners are not physically combine in a classroom, that does not mean they cannot work combine on a project. One of the most successful ways to support remote teaching and learning is to provide every learner a chance to deliver a topic area.

For example, you could divide up the present areas of study and ask learners to teach the rest of the class. This may be as individuals or in little groups. You could ask learners to hold a seminar and contain internet tools to engage their audience.

Have the best kit

No specific software or hardware is needed beyond an online connection. Standard office software tools are particularly successful collate ideas online and develop collaborative reactions. An internet Word document or shared Google doc can be edited by lots of people at once. Try these ideas out, share with learners when you would value their help. 

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